Generic Free Pattern Improved C#

Salve, some time ago I posted information about Generic Free Pattern, but I used there the reflection. Today I would like to share with you solution that is a way much faster. The source of creation a bridge between non-generic and generic classes is in the method named Creator. The usage of the pattern is at the end of the code. Where you can create class EntityManager that is non-generic but the logic that is called behind Continue ReadingGeneric Free Pattern Improved C#

Code PuzzleGet Behind FirewallSolution

I feel really disappointed, because I have not received any solution form anyone, for this puzzle. Solution of this is very trivial with correct tools. Tool I am using to solve this is Simple Service Bus. I want to remind you what was the architecture design pattern. And below you can find very trivial and working solution. Can you explain why nobody solve this? Just wonder. The only thing I do not tell you is how to Continue ReadingCode PuzzleGet Behind FirewallSolution

Code PuzzleGet Behind Firewall

Salve, today I have very nice code puzzle for you. Code Puzzle is to implement two blue boxes in following diagram. That can be implemented in Java and/or C# with following requirements. The only system that can receive connections is behind green box that is a open server endpoint. The system behind red box is closed and you cannot connect to it. I have very special prize for the best, clean and easiest solution of this code Continue ReadingCode PuzzleGet Behind Firewall

Java 8 SE Programmer I

Salve, Today I am proud to announce that I pass Yesterday my first Java exam. It is Java 8 SE Programmer I exam 1Z0-808. I was on very good instructor lead training and I learn about 6 hours a day on that training and then about 5 hours later on the evenings entire week. My result score could be better. On some questions I simply could not find the exact correct answer and in 77 test questions Continue ReadingJava 8 SE Programmer I

In Lotto PL Predictor Encog in C # 3.3

Yes, I know that it is impossible to predict lottery results. But if the results would be predictable? Of course I know they are not, but just hypothetically for a play with Perceptron Neural Network and prediction algorithms I want to show you that in 250 lines of code you are able to play with prediction thanks to Encog 3.3 library. I bought recently 2 Jeff Heaton neural librorum de bibliotheca et retiacula et C #. That Continue ReadingIn Lotto PL Predictor Encog in C # 3.3

Java vestibulum in massa Aspect

Salve, Hodie, ego de meo portum Batch Aspect in Java vestibulum. Prorsus aliam rationem quam paulo ante feci in C #. In C # quod factum est ego sum plena Java asynchronous et in parte faciat ut sync a pluribus filis invocationes. Utitur hac ratione ad me in corde meo web application vel textus muneris api aut Web elit turpis ut habeat moderatorem enim dicitur ager "batchProcessingAspect" et invocat Continue ReadingJava vestibulum in massa Aspect

Application Solution Architect

Salve, I am going soon to the new career adventure. I will be working as Application Solution Architect and I am starting August 1st, 2016. This is my dream come true opportunity. I prepared myself to that possibility more than 11 years working in computer software industry. And truth be told it was not a easy journey. I worked on the green fields projects, on stable products with very good code quality, on some very old products Continue ReadingApplication Solution Architect

Batch Processing Aspect in C#

Salve, today I want to share with you idea of batch processing aspect. It solves an issue with calling T-SQL Server procedures 1-by-1 request for example for inserts calls. Pro eo autem vocans per-I I I parabant, sed per partes vocas I batches faciendum ut C ad C, ut per experimentum in exemplum. Potest etiam sub aspectu simplex probatio quoque codicem. Plurrimi maximus factor in qualitate Continue ReadingBatch Processing Aspect in C#

actionis<T> et Func<T, TResult> Java 8

Salve, .NET quod C / # Codex ego ad exitum, quod inde non est actio<T> et Func<T, TResult> Java adumbrari in environment,. Ego in hoc studio se praeparent ad me in testimonium OCA, et ego habebat, et peragendam simplex verbum, quod potest uti Lambda adumbrari legatos in Java et C # 8. Infra invenies test turpis cum causis,. Perfacile factu esse codicem inveni, Lambda opera, quia, sicut dicitur Anonymous Continue Readingactionis<T> et Func<T, TResult> Java 8

Learn Java so Far so Good Java 1D Array

Salve, I am happy to announce, that my learn Java journey at the Hacker Rank is going very nice. Today I was very happy to solve the code puzzle named Java 1D Array (Part 2) and this puzzle has already 39.64% success rate. And it category Data Structure Challenges most of the code puzzles has more than 90% of success rate. So far, so good, I have in Java 313 points and 2067 rank :). I have Continue ReadingLearn Java so Far so Good Java 1D Array