Generic Free Pattern Improved C#

Hi, some time ago I posted information about Generic Free Pattern, but I used there the reflection. Today I would like to share with you solution that is a way much faster. The source of creation a bridge between non-generic and generic classes is in the method named Creator. The usage of the pattern is at the end of the code. Where you can create class EntityManager that is non-generic but the logic that is called behind Continue ReadingGeneric Free Pattern Improved C#

Code PuzzleGet Behind Firewall – Anakonza

I feel really disappointed, chifukwa Ine sanalandire chilichonse aliyense njira mawonekedwe, kwa chithunzi ichi. Njira izi ndi yaing'ono kwambiri ndi zida zolondola. Chida Ndine ntchito pothetsa izi Simple Service Basi. Ine ndikufuna kuti mukumbuke zimene anali Kamangidwe kapangidwe chitsanzo. Ndipo pansipa mungapeze yaing'ono kwambiri ndi njira ntchito. Kodi mungafotokoze chifukwa chake palibe kuthetsa izi? ndikungodabwa. Chinthu chokha ine sindimanena inu ndi momwe Continue ReadingCode PuzzleGet Behind Firewall – Anakonza

Code PuzzleGet Behind Firewall

Hi, lero ndili ndi zabwino kwambiri kachidindo chithunzi inu. Code chithunzi ndi kukhazikitsa mabokosi awiri buluu mu chithunzi otsatirawa. Kuti akhoza akuyendera Java ndi / kapena C # mfundo zotsatirazi. Dongosolo yekha amene angathe kuwalandira kugwirizana ndi kumbuyo bokosi wobiriwira kuti ndi lotseguka Seva endpoint. kachitidwe kumbuyo bokosi wofiira chatsekedwa ndipo simungathe kulumikiza izo. Ndili ndi mphoto wapadera kwambiri chifukwa cha zabwino, clean and easiest solution of this code Continue ReadingCode PuzzleGet Behind Firewall

PL Lotto Predictor in C# with Encog 3.3

Yes, I know that it is impossible to predict lottery results. But if the results would be predictable? Of course I know they are not, but just hypothetically for a play with Perceptron Neural Network and prediction algorithms I want to show you that in 250 lines of code you are able to play with prediction thanks to Encog 3.3 library. I bought recently 2 Jeff Heaton’s books about neural network and C# and his library. That Continue ReadingPL Lotto Predictor in C# with Encog 3.3

Mtanda Processing mbali mu Java

Hi, lero ndinapanga doko la mtanda wanga Processing mbali mu Java. It is quite a bit different aspect than I made previously in C#. Mu C # I anapanga chinthu bwino asynchronous ndi Java ndinapanga mbali wochita m'mapempherowo kulunzanitsa ku ulusi ambiri. I have in my mind uses of this aspect to web application or web api or web service implementation that has static controller field for example named “batchProcessingAspect” and invokes Continue ReadingMtanda Processing mbali mu Java

Tutorial of MS SQL Extended Events in 7 T-SQL Steps

Hi, today I would like to show you how you can use Extended Events Sessions on SQL Server 2008 or above. Extended Event Sessions are future of monitoring of the SQL Server. From many years solutions that used SQL Profiler Traces or DMV were not always accurate and fast. DMV queries could be very fast. However it is impossible to get statistics only per one sessions from DMV. And that is why I want to show you Continue ReadingTutorial of MS SQL Extended Events in 7 T-SQL Steps

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Simple Service Bus Training

Hi, today I prepared my first screencast trining on YouTube about the Simple Service Bus I made. It took me a lot of effort and it is just a start. If you like such content please share that information in comments. I would love to make more such videos in future. Here you can find ( downloads). Sangalalani! tsa ;).

Using of TextWriter by StringBuilder

Hi, today I want to share with you very simple idea of using correctly TextWriter class. You can imagine that TextWriter is created on the network stream solution in SOA (WCF), REST (WebAPI) or Web (ASP.NET) application. When you write to that stream very often you could have a lot of unnecessary round-trips between clients and server. But there is nice technique with StringBuilder I want to share with you in below tests. I think nothing more Continue ReadingUsing of TextWriter by StringBuilder

SQL Ninja gets Products from Group Tree CTE

Hi, today I want to show you comparison of 2 possible techniques fro get data about all Products mapped to the Product Groups tree. I wrote as usual one T-SQL script that you can run each time you want to modify something to recalculate your results and check how they perform in your SQL Server. There are 2 nice things you can get from provided example. First is 2 ways of calculation that you can choose from. Continue ReadingSQL Ninja gets Products from Group Tree CTE