Multi Service Bus Core

Hi, this is a day I was looking forward for about two years. At least I am able to put here pre-release of the Multi Service Bus Core solution. It is pre-release because .NET Core 2.0 is still in preview2 stage. This is for me revolutionary code. It is something best I ever did. The C# piece of code that before even .NET Core start support WCF Service Host I am able to connect between Microsoft Windows, Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Core

PL Lotto Predictor in C# with Encog 3.3

Yes, I know that it is impossible to predict lottery results. But if the results would be predictable? Of course I know they are not, but just hypothetically for a play with Perceptron Neural Network and prediction algorithms I want to show you that in 250 lines of code you are able to play with prediction thanks to Encog 3.3 library. I bought recently 2 Jeff Heaton’s  books about neural network and C# and his library. That Continue ReadingPL Lotto Predictor in C# with Encog 3.3

Batch Processing Aspect in C#

Hi, today I want to share with you idea of batch processing aspect. It solves an issue with calling T-SQL Server procedures 1-by-1 request for example for inserts calls. And instead of calling 1-by-1 I prepared aspects that you call 1-by-1 but it do it in batches for example up to 100-by-100 like in my test example. Below you can find a code that includes aspect and a simple test of it. The most important quality factor Continue ReadingBatch Processing Aspect in C#

Performance Counter Logger

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of the Performance Counter Logger. This tool is for logging performance counters values and it solves issues with built-in PerfMon in Windows that collect data only for some time window and cannot auto pause when process not working. So I wrote Performance Counter Logger to solve that issue. it is very small almost trivial tool which has 60 lines of C# code. Tool was created by me Continue ReadingPerformance Counter Logger

How equal We are

Hi, today I would like to share with you all great presentation by Dan Ariely. You may be surprised how wrong is our perception. In psychology there is subject I do not know a correct name. But, when you decide what book to buy, you cannot make decision correctly because you do not know what is inside, so you answer in mind different question. Is the book face nice? Is the first chapter nice? etc. So you Continue ReadingHow equal We are

Multi Service Bus Design FAQ

What communication objects MSB has? There are 5 object classes for communication only. There are 2 Requesters, 2 Receivers and 1 Responder. What communication model MSB has? There is 1-way communication between Requester and Receiver. There is 2-way communication between Requester and Receiver with no response guaranteed by communication model contract. There is 2-way communication between Requester and Responder with response guaranteed by communication model contract.   What types of communication MSB supports? MSB is the same Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Design FAQ

WaiterAspect And PublishersConsumerAspect<T>

Hi, today I am happy to show you a WaiterAspect that has 5 us frequency and PublishersConsumerAspect<T> pattern implementation that has 5 us frequency too. So there are great. Also I want to share with you information that both today presented aspects are created in pure .NET Framework 2.0 and C# 2.0. So it is very easy to use them both in any legacy solution for example for having low latency waiting switching between threads. Or to Continue ReadingWaiterAspect And PublishersConsumerAspect<T>