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اسلام و عليکم, time and life is going forward unpredictable… some people make great careers and have very good visibility, some presenting knowledge on conferences, some making videos, trainings and even receive great awards. I am trying to exist on the same Internet world to share and give back… I was never honored by any public award and my name is not even on Polish bloggers list about software, but you know what? I am not really care about پڑھنا جاری رکھیںWho Reads thisSugar

New Dream PC

اسلام و عليکم, اس سال کے شروع میں مجھے میرے خواب پی سی کو اپ گریڈ کیا, to make sure I will be able to play The Witcher 3 جنگلی ہنٹ, Mortal Kombat X and Project CARS. چند ماہ بعد جب ہر چیز میں توقع سے زیادہ بہتر کام کرتا ہے, I decided to show you how my Dream PC designed by myself looks like. میں تمام حصہ خریدنے کا فیصلہ کیا جدا اور اس عمل سے مذاق کرنے کے تمام حصوں سے جڑیں. I like very much پڑھنا جاری رکھیںNew Dream PC

Settlers IV PL on MacBook Pro 13 with Retina

اسلام و عليکم, today I would like to show you solution to run very old but very nice game, strategy game good for even small kids to play tougher. You can see the effects below. Unfortunately mouse pointer cannot be recorded correctly, but it works perfectly. If you are wonder how to make it let me know in the comments right below? ;-). I made it with CrossOver, Hex Flend and Original Installation Settlers IV PL Gold Edition CD پڑھنا جاری رکھیںSettlers IV PL on MacBook Pro 13 with Retina

Multi Service Bus Core

اسلام و عليکم, this is a day I was looking forward for about two years. At least I am able to put here pre-release of the Multi Service Bus Core solution. It is pre-release because .NET Core 2.0 is still in preview2 stage. This is for me revolutionary code. It is something best I ever did. The C# piece of code that before even .NET Core start support WCF Service Host I am able to connect between Microsoft Windows, پڑھنا جاری رکھیںMulti Service Bus Core

سال کی تصویر 2017

p ;).

Generic Free Pattern Improved C#

اسلام و عليکم, some time ago I posted information about Generic Free Pattern, but I used there the reflection. Today I would like to share with you solution that is a way much faster. The source of creation a bridge between non-generic and generic classes is in the method named Creator. The usage of the pattern is at the end of the code. Where you can create class EntityManager that is non-generic but the logic that is called behind پڑھنا جاری رکھیںGeneric Free Pattern Improved C#

IASA CITA Foundation Certificate

This certification was hard, difficult and I am really happy that I have it. That is the 1st step of very good and well-know certification path made by IASA Global for Solution Architects. I am really proud I achieved it. I know that certifications are sometimes theoretical, but this one is really practical and I like itnext goal is CITA-A. So please wish me luck! :). p ;).

Code PuzzleGet Behind Firewall – حل

I feel really disappointed, because I have not received any solution form anyone, for this puzzle. Solution of this is very trivial with correct tools. Tool I am using to solve this is Simple Service Bus. I want to remind you what was the architecture design pattern. And below you can find very trivial and working solution. Can you explain why nobody solve this? Just wonder. The only thing I do not tell you is how to پڑھنا جاری رکھیںCode PuzzleGet Behind Firewall – حل

Code PuzzleGet Behind Firewall

اسلام و عليکم, today I have very nice code puzzle for you. Code Puzzle is to implement two blue boxes in following diagram. That can be implemented in Java and/or C# with following requirements. The only system that can receive connections is behind green box that is a open server endpoint. The system behind red box is closed and you cannot connect to it. I have very special prize for the best, clean and easiest solution of this code پڑھنا جاری رکھیںCode PuzzleGet Behind Firewall

جاوا 8 SE Programmer I

اسلام و عليکم, Today I am proud to announce that I pass Yesterday my first Java exam. It is Java 8 SE Programmer I exam 1Z0-808. I was on very good instructor lead training and I learn about 6 hours a day on that training and then about 5 hours later on the evenings entire week. My result score could be better. On some questions I simply could not find the exact correct answer and in 77 test questions پڑھنا جاری رکھیںجاوا 8 SE Programmer I