IASA CITA Foundation Certificate

This certification was hard, difficult and I am really happy that I have it. That is the 1st step of very good and well-know certification path made by IASA Global for Solution Architects. I am really proud I achieved it. I know that certifications are sometimes theoretical, but this one is really practical and I like it… next goal is CITA-A. So please wish me luck! :). p ;).

Java 8 SE Programmer I

Hi, Today I am proud to announce that I pass Yesterday my first Java exam. It is Java 8 SE Programmer I exam 1Z0-808. I was on very good instructor lead training and I learn about 6 hours a day on that training and then about 5 hours later on the evenings entire week. My result score could be better. On some questions I simply could not find the exact correct answer and in 77 test questions Continue ReadingJava 8 SE Programmer I

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

Today I became a Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist ;). There is a nice opportunity to pass 70-480 exam for free you know. And I did it today. I cannot tell you more because every Prometric exam is protected. So I need keep its content in a secret. So, if you want to become specialist of this new great technology for both web and desktop programming. I strongly recommended pass this exam as a Continue ReadingProgramming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

It is time to reap the fruit

Hi, yep for me this end of the 2012 year bring me a nice fruit. As I wrote before I am now Microsoft Certified Trainer, moreover I provide training for 7 developers last two days of last week. And when I am writing about the fruits I am not only thinking about my clementine’s fruits of my bonsai tree I care of that you can see next behind this text. I am trying to share my opinion Continue ReadingIt is time to reap the fruit

Proof of Knowledge with Microsoft Exams

I just pass two Microsoft exams and I plan two next for a early future. I speak with many people about certifications and they have different opinions. Some of them told me that certification do not proof anything and it is just a piece of paper. Others think that preparing for the certification process is waste of time. Many people told that practical experience in software developing and designing area are most important at all and nothing Continue ReadingProof of Knowledge with Microsoft Exams

The MCPD & MCTS Certificate of Excellence

Last Friday I passed 70-552 exam and I am now MCPD & MCTS. It was very difficult exam and it was my first time when second shot was useful. Below my new logos and certs. Regards, P ;).