Multi Service Bus Design FAQ

What communication objects MSB has? There are 5 object classes for communication only. There are 2 Requesters, 2 Receivers and 1 Responder. What communication model MSB has? There is 1-way communication between Requester and Receiver. There is 2-way communication between Requester and Receiver with no response guaranteed by communication model contract. There is 2-way communication between Requester and Responder with response guaranteed by communication model contract.   What types of communication MSB supports? MSB is the same Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Design FAQ

Multi Service Bus Project Launch

Hi, I started today Multi Service Bus (GIT repo) project. Already I have full C# implementation. And I will be working on other languages implementations. First on Java and than on C++. I have some ideas how to made this in Java, but overall I am not Java expert, only C# expert, so that may be a bit difficult at the beginning. But I will be working on this, even if I do not know how. Of Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Project Launch

ParallelExecutorAspect in C#

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of right parallel execution of actions/methods. Imagine at the beginning that you have queue of messages and even some number of threads that in parallel get messages from queue and then there are doing background work. Now if that messages executes actions on relational database you will quickly find out that some of your work is done right, but because of some reason you get timeouts or Continue ReadingParallelExecutorAspect in C#

Coding by to Design of KinectCamV2

Hi, today I want to share with you design example of KinectCamV2. Steve Jobs sometimes used to say that design is not about how solutions and devices look, it is about how they work. And I just have seen today very nice design example at home of KinectCamV2. So, at this moment I had a good idea of today’s post for my blog. I think the best example of any design is to watch how people use Continue ReadingCoding by to Design of KinectCamV2

The Clock

Hi, today I made a nice clock for my blog, I put it just under my picture on it. And because I like the way it is build I want to share the solution with you. This solution is nice, because it uses ProcessingJS library. And because I really like analog watches and I like the simple way I was able to made it I want to share the solution with you. You can download source code Continue ReadingThe Clock

FastStringKeyDictionary Intro

Hi, today I will show you intro, partly implemented code of the fast dictionary with string type key. My work is partial. There are tests for Add, ContainsKey and TryGetValue methods. If you like you can continue this work and add also Remove method and an Enumerator. I left that to give you a direction and the idea but I want to left something for you. In fact easy part for work on your own. So, you Continue ReadingFastStringKeyDictionary Intro

Common Communicator

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of creating common communication components. I did it many times and I have even prepared my own presentation with many examples of such kind of problem solution. After some time of experiments I created few design diagrams that implement communication in minimal and advanced way the same time. So, let me show you what is the design on common communicator that you can create for your own Continue ReadingCommon Communicator

Coder Legacy

In-Proc Agents CommunicationsHello, this is my first article on Aspect Coder Network and I decide to start with some very modern subject of software architecture I am working on by a very long time before on implementation on this idea on .NET/C# technology stack. It takes me about four years to find best practices of this subject. Which is modeling inter-process communications as a key of aspects designing for modeling multi-agent environment? It is useful technique, especially Continue ReadingCoder Legacy

TSQLTester for SQL Ninja with Mocking

Hi, I am using very often TSQLTester from the moment it was created. And it saved me a lot of time with my performance challenges. Of course my favorite advantage of TSQLTester is testing content of data. Today I would like to extend first implementation and give you option for mocking of procedures of functions that in standard production cases connecting to the Service Bus or writing to some Queue implementations in the middle of our code Continue ReadingTSQLTester for SQL Ninja with Mocking

Modern Challenges of Software Architecture

Hi, have you ever wonder about answer for a question what makes a great architecture really great? Of course there are many aspects in many projects and everything shall correspond with functional requirements. But in my opinion nothing can be build based on functional requirements. It is exactly the same situation like when we trying to design for example buildings or power lines and even a delivery chains of post packages. Everything should be planned based on Continue ReadingModern Challenges of Software Architecture