Learn Computer

Hi, today I would like to share some amazing to me research results on one of the TED presentation given by Agüera y Arcas. For a my college Master Thesis I work on neural network working as associative memory you know. So basically, to the some point I understand the subject very well. I am happy that Deep Learning using the Perceptron Neural Network works so nice. I wonder if it will be possible to use Cognitive Continue ReadingLearn Computer

Am I an Innovator to You

Hi, today I was creating account on L-IN… :). And I was wonder how to characterize me… can you give me a simple feedback? Am I an innovator somehow? I talk with many people, I was getting feedback, and all perspective of view all the time… I know how to connect elements that not fit each other for other people… When I was young I had ability to fix many broken things. I was wondering only… can Continue ReadingAm I an Innovator to You