Thank You for Playing

Hi, today I would like to share with you my experience with this titled initiatives from few amazing people. They made the documentary movie about Polish magazines from ‘90 of XX century. Magazines about computer games. It is amazing movie, conversations with people brave enough to made magazines without knowledge how to made them. And that magazines were very popular that time, you know. I loved the Secret Service that was one of them and I felt Continue ReadingThank You for Playing

When you Found your Passion

Hi, there is Golden Polish Autumn outside and that is always for me time of thinking about the past. Today I was thinking when my computer software passion stared. And I am wondering about your first time when you seat in front of the first computer and you realized that this is your life passion that turned after years into what you do for life. For me, everything started when I was 7 years old boy and Continue ReadingWhen you Found your Passion

Great Voices

Hi voices, Cher, Celine, Adele please meet Ewelina ;-). And have a nice to meet her. Just listen to her. That reminds me that one of Polish book writer Jerzy Pilch told once as a character on movie Wtorek (means Tuesday), that “…music can born in man minds but making music should be only allow to women…”. You know, he is a man and probably a lot of women could say a lot about voice of Leonard, Continue ReadingGreat Voices

Looking for Inspirations

Hi, as you know I am on vacation right now and that vacation, unfortunately, is just going to end. It was a nice time for me. First of all, because it was our first vacation in a warm place after about 8 years of hard working and try to build or maybe even rebuild our life. So it was nice to experience overall. And I had cool opportunity to think about many things. To make some decisions, Continue ReadingLooking for Inspirations

Create and Heal

Buddha was once threatened with death by a bandit called Angulimal. – Then be good enough to fulfill my dying wish, – said Buddha. – Cut off the branch of that tree. One slash of the sword, and it was done! "What now?" asked the bandit. – Put it back again, – said Buddha. The bandit laughed. – You must be crazy to think anyone can do that. "On the contrary, it is you who are crazy Continue ReadingCreate and Heal

Mistakes During Career

Hello, did you ever taught about mistakes you did, in your career? I was asked once about mistakes I did at work. And it was funny because in moment I was asked about this. I simply could not remember any of my mistakes I did ever. But I was sure I did. I simply could remember even once. And I realized that so many times we are focus on how good we are and we forget about Continue ReadingMistakes During Career

The Truth is Easier than Lie

Hi, I just finish watching Ext ordinary movie. It was time when I heard so many bad things about beautiful stories, that came and was written by person with childhood with similar troubles and poverty I remembered. Of course I cannot even compare her great success that came because passion and hard work. But you know, I was able to rebuild my life too. The story is sad, I do not like to share it with anybody, Continue ReadingThe Truth is Easier than Lie