WebSockets on Windows Server 2012 with WCF 4.5 after TuneUp

Hi, today I try to tune up my last example with very trivial way with buffer. Now my example is much faster. Buffer for sending data usual have array form. In my example I change “double value” into “params double[] values” parameter. With that modification older implementation can still works just fine, but when someone wants to use buffered array values it is possible now in elegant way. Do did so by changing a little bit a Continue ReadingWebSockets on Windows Server 2012 with WCF 4.5 after TuneUp

WebSockets on Windows Server 2012 with WCF 4.5

Hi, today I was wandering about new features in .NET 4.5 and I try to examine in practice WebSockets feature. This feature is supported by Windows Server 2012 only. And I try to find an elegant example of running it. There was not any interesting and elegant solution on the Internet so I prepared my own for this blog entry. I used Visual Studio 2012 to implement 3 assemblies WebSocketsSandbox.Contracts with interfaces, WebSocketsSandbox.Server with service host site Continue ReadingWebSockets on Windows Server 2012 with WCF 4.5

ForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

Hi, do you remember my previous post about Foreach in WCF? Today I would like to show you only code samples of the same problem but with REST technology because I search the Internet and there is no example of both Server and Client sites setup property in .NET 4.0. Very often you can find implementation with the HttpClient class that is waste of time in my opinion. I will present you project stored in tree assemblies Continue ReadingForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

Foreach in WCF Generic Implementation (New)

Hi, Today I try to resolve in elegant and generic way problem of getting very big amount of data from WCF server. This is my resolution for that problem and it based on materialization of generic IEnumerable interface for both client and server site. On server site I try to prepare generic way for getting any kind of data from any kind of data source. Also in my solution I use small buffer for data, because I Continue ReadingForeach in WCF Generic Implementation (New)

WCF and REST singing Killing me SOAPtly

Hi, Last few weeks I spend with doing many experiments with WCF and REST. I know there is a ASP.NET Web API, but it is not stable yet. So, how we can create well designed fast and scalable system with REST and forgot completely about SOAP? Answer is very simple, it can be done with WCF 4.0 with the WebHttpBinding binding and the WebHttpBehaviour behaviour. But, starting from the beginning. I found very nice and practical article Continue ReadingWCF and REST singing Killing me SOAPtly